Wietske Boon

BSocSci (Hons) Psychology (UP);
MDIAC Play therapy (UNISA);
CCSA nr: SCO 0400

Wietske is a registered counsellor with the Council for Counsellors in South Africa and specialise in using play therapy techniques. In private practice she works with children between the ages of two and fifteen years. She also works with parents, giving support and guidance.

She is a board member of the Association for the Education and Care of Young Children (AECYC) and offer support for nursery schools and educators in the field of early childhood development.
Her website provides free articles on a variety of topics. She writes articles for Momentum’s project ‘Education 360’ (http://bit.ly/2bQz7LI ). She works with journalists of well-known magazines, giving input for articles.

She acts as a guest speaker at functions, provide training in the field of early childhood development and take part in radio talks.

Time and opportunity permitting, she is a volunteer for Operation Smile as a ‘Child Life Therapist,’ preparing children emotionally before medical facial procedures.

“Wietske’s passion for her work does not go unnoticed.”